Delight in your delay

The first insurance that pays you automatically when your flight is delayed as little as 15 minutes

Flight delay insurance

Travel like a pro and get your money back when your flight is delayed as little as 15 minutes or diverted


We pay you for any flight delay above 15 minutes. Yes, 15 minutes not 2 hours.


Sit and relax at the airport lounge when your flight is delayed at departure.


Discount vouchers at your departure airport when your flight is delayed.

Smart notifications

Stay up to date in real time with any relevant changes about your trip.


No hassle. We track your flight. If it’s delayed or diverted we pay you right away.

Fully digital

Paperless. No need to submit any documents, ever.

No exclusions

No exclusions to your coverage. Your plane is abducted by aliens? Covered.

The longer the delay,

the higher the compensation

3 €15'
15 €30'
50 €1h
75 €1h 30'
100 €2h
200 €3h
300 €6h

Airport discounts
from 1h delay

VIP lounge
from 2h delay

Airport discounts from 1h delay

VIP lounge from 2h delay

Covered skies?

Cover your trip too

Cover trip

More products

Checking in luggage or doing a layover? Complement your trip with Cleverea's disruptive insurance products and we'll take care of everything

Missed connection insurance

Missing a connecting flight is painful, we have been there. Receive €400 when that happens. Flat fee no questions asked.

Baggage delay or loss insurance

Get paid when your checked bag is delayed or lost and buy anything you need. Flat fee, no questions asked




Every year more than 40% of the flights in Europe arrive late or are cancelled

Some numbers from this year 2019

Delayed flights
Cancelled flights
Mishandled bags

Do you still have questions?

Here is some stuff people like to ask. If you have more questions check our FAQ

We receive your flight status in real time from our partners. As soon as something happens (delay, diversion or cancellation) we know it and we will trigger your compensation.

Yes! Cleverea covers you no matter the reason of the delay. Your plane was abducted by aliens? Covered too. Sounds good eh?There are however some circumstances that we can’t really cover you for which are airline bankruptcy, war or military actions affecting air traffic and airport operations and terrorist attacks. You can read all the details in your policy before purchasing any insurance.

We’ll try to bother you as little as possible. We contact you by SMS and / or email just to make sure that you get our notifications. Don’t delete them too fast, most of the time we’ll be paying you ;)

We work with the best flight data providers available to make sure that we receive the most reliable information available. This information comes from airlines, airport operators and other sources. However, if we can’t retrieve delay data for your flight we will refund you your insurance premium. You can email at any time in case you believe we missed your delay.



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