You may miss your connection,

but not your compensation!


Missed your connecting flight?

Don't waste more time looking for useless explanations. If you have your trip covered with Cleverea you'll get instant compensation to get back on track!


If you miss your connecting flight we will pay you €400

Holistic perimeter

Even connecting flights from different airlines are eligible for compensation

Fair price

Price is adjusted based on the scheduled layover time. The longer the cheaper!

Easy and transparent

You'll be eligible for compensation as long as the actual layover time went below 1h due to delays, diversions or cancellations in the first flight!

Fully digital

Uploading a picture of the new boarding pass is enough to get the compensation!

All included

No exclusions to your coverage. No matter whose fault it is (strike, weather etc.), you are covered!

Ready to give it a try?

If you got this far it’s time to cover your connection! Fast, easy and cheap.

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