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About us

Cleverea is a digital insurance company within Property and Casualty (we do not provide neither Life nor Health insurance) with the mission of making insurance easier, more transparent and digital for your own benefits. We want to make insurance so sexy that you might even buy it as a gift 🎁 for your mum 😊, you get the idea right?.

If you are from the insurance industry or VC world, we are what is known as a tech-enabled MGA within P&C.

Cleverea is very close to an insurance company in the sense that we do manage end-to-end your whole experience: we design our own products, we price them, we distribute them and we manage your claims and complaints. Difference is we do it with ❤️ love ❤️, and having you at the center of everything we do.

In case you want to know more, we operate under a MGA model, by which we then partner with a risk-carrier, i.e. the former (re)insurance company bearing the risk of having compensations higher than the revenue generated.

Super simple, we aim to make insurance easier, more transparent and digital for you! We are proactive in telling you when you are covered and thus when you can use your insurance in order to receive your compensation.

We design every single product from scratch, having you at the center of everything we do. Thus, minimizing by all means the inherent conflict of interest of the insurance industry, that is, between insureds (you) and the insurer (Cleverea).

This the reason why our products are so simple and easy to use, with very friendly policies. We want you to understand and use your insurance!

Flight delay

Super simple, we trigger compensations and services both at departure and at arrival.

  • For departure: if your flight is delayed over 120 minutes, we'll send you a QR code for you to enter the closest VIP lounge.
  • At arrival: if your flight is delayed more than 15 minutes we'll compensate you economically right away based on the severity of the delay. Compensation is triggered automatically, i.e. claim-free, since we track your flight in real-time.

You can purchase our insurance products in our website and through our partners. You can either type your flight number and date of departure or give us your route and date of departure. Select how many passengers you want to insure and pay with your favourite credit or debit card.

Nothing! We track your flight in real time and we know when it is delayed, diverted or cancelled. You don’t need to send us anything unless it is a smiley face in our social networks 😊

We receive your flight status in real time from our partners. As soon as something happens (delay, diversion or cancellation) we'll know it and trigger your compensation.

Yes! Cleverea covers you no matter the reason of the delay or the diversion. Your plane was abducted by aliens? Covered too. Sounds good eh? 💪

There are however some circumstances that we can’t really cover you 😔... these very specific situations are: airline bankruptcy, war or military actions and terrorist attacks affecting air traffic and airport operations. You can read all the details in your policy before purchasing any insurance product from us.

Because we are all different we have a price for each person. Your price is based on the risk of your flight being delayed or cancelled.

We’ll try to bother you as little as possible. We contact you by SMS and / or email but don’t delete our notifications too fast, most of the time we’ll be paying you 😉

If your flight is canceled (sorry about that) we will refund you your insurance premium. We can’t cover you for flight cancellations yet, but we are working on it.

We currently cover 99% of flights and are working hard to cover as many flights as possible. We use the service of rockstar flight data providers. However, sometimes airports and airlines have some data gaps that makes it impossible for Cleverea to track certain flights.

You can purchase Cleverea’s flight insurance up to 12h before your time of departure.

We work with the best flight data providers available to make sure that we receive the most reliable information available. This information comes from airlines, airport operators and other sources. However, if we can’t retrieve delay data for your flight we will refund you your insurance premium. You can email at any time in case you believe we missed your delay.

Of course! We all travel with family, friends, co-workers, etcetera and we know you may want to insure them as well. You can add as many passengers as you want during the checkout process as long as they hold a flight ticket in the insured flight.

Yes, you can purchase insurance for as many flights as you want in the same checkout process as long as you hold a flight ticket for each one of them.

Yes. If you have a connecting flight (meaning you are travelling from airport A to airport B with one or more layovers), you must register all flight legs involved independently and we will automatically bundle them up. You will be covered for your flight delay in your last flight. Additionally you will be prompted to choose whether you want to add a missed connection protection.

Yes, you can access our website from any device and it will adjust to the screen size.

Missed connection

We love being proactive, so if your layover time is reduced too much due to a delay in the previous flight we will notify you and ask you whether you lost or not your connecting flight.

In case of missing your connecting flight, you’ll have to submit only the new boarding pass departing from the connecting airport.

Since we do indeed value proactivity, if your effective layover time is reduced to less than 15 minutes, we pay you right-away, no need for submitting a formal claim.

If your flight is canceled (sorry about that) we will refund you your insurance premium. We can’t cover you for flight cancellations yet, but we are working on it.


A baggage delay happens when you land in your destination airport and your checked bag does not show up. If 10 days go by and your bag is still missing, we will then consider it lost and will trigger your baggage loss compensation.

Unfortunately not 😔... we do not cover damage for the moment, only delay or loss perils. We plan to do so in the near future.

As having a bag delayed is already a pain we will only ask you to submit the Property Irregularity Report or PIR, which states that your bag did not appear at your destination. This is a standard document that you must obtain at the baggage reclaim room of the airport (also knowns as Lost Luggage Office). We will not ask you to submit old invoices for each of your belongings, nor will limit the amount per item, nor exclude jewelry or electronics.

You can submit a baggage delay claim online on our website by signing in with your email address and accessing your User Dashboard. In the Policies tab of your User Dashboard you can see all your policies. If you purchased baggage coverage for any flight you will see a link to access the Baggage Claim form. Two main phases:

  • Fill claim form: We will ask you to select the number of bags that were delayed/lost and a picture of the Property Irregularity Report or PIR that states that your bag was delayed/lost. This is a standard document that you can get at the baggage reclaim room of the airport.
  • Approval phase: Our team will review your claim in minutes and, if approved, we will then pay your baggage delay compensation. We will keep tracking your bag and if after 10 days your bag is still missing we will consider it lost and will pay you your compensation for baggage loss.

It is the amount that we will pay to the insured in case their baggage is lost, i.e. delayed for more than 10 days. It is the total amount insured less the money paid already for delay reasons.

You should request it at the Lost Luggage Office at the arrival airport, ideally before leaving. The office is generally located at the belt area of the airport.

We use SITA’s Worldtracer system. It is the same source of information your airline/arrival airport will be using to find your bag.


If we do not have yet your bank account number (from previous claims) we will send you an email asking for it as long as you are entitled to some sort of compensation. We will transfer the compensation amount to that account.

We trigger your compensation in real time, this is just a few minutes after we know the flight has been delayed, diverted or cancelled. However and depending on your bank it may take up to 48h to receive the funds.

If the insureds are eligible for compensation we will contact the policyholder asking for one single bank account number. We will transfer the compensation of all passengers insured to one account only.


We work with many different partners, the most relevant are:

  • Airlines
  • Online Travel Agents
  • Traditional Travel Agents
  • Insurance companies and Insurance Brokers
  • Banks and Neobanks
  • Payment Service Providers
  • Fintechs
  • Telcos

Our API allows our partners to offer our insurance to their clients through their own website, mobile application or software system.

Additionally, Traditional Travel Agents and Insurance Brokers can purchase our insurance through Cleverea website on behalf of their clients with a Corporate account.

You can reach us at and our team will be in touch with you as soon as possible.
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